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OkCupid wants to help you swipe, right.

advertising | book layout |
illustration | writing

November 2018

Every online dating app wants their users to go premium, enticing you with: unlimited swipes, profile boosts and getting to see who has swiped right on you. But what's the point if you have no idea how to talk to your matches? This satirical field guide, given to anyone who goes premium on OkCupid, let's you know about all the different types of users you'll find online and how to talk to each of them. Putting their user's one huge step towards "the one" and as far away from messages that start with "hey whats up?" as possible.

Field guide

all the ppl u can find online


Digital swiping kiosk

Instead of swiping on your phone while waiting at the bus stop

swipe through the series of illustrations. The video below

shows how the animation that would be triggered by the buttons

Graphic Design | Ryan Ashkenase
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