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18x24 Grid Poster Mockup For Branding.png

Vote Harry!

Harold Richards,
a new mayor for a new era

branding | print | web

October 2020 

Hunt a Killer's 10th season focuses on the mayoral race in the fictional town of Copper Cliffs. Inspired by the vibrant and non-traditional design used by many recent democratic candidates, I developed the branding that shows that Harry is the energetic voice of the people who will make change happen... if he doesn't get convicted for murder.

Harry brand_4x.png
Comp 1_1.gif
poster 2.png
Brochure mock up front.png
Brochure mock up back_(1).png
Envelope mockup_GraphicsEgg_170.png
Bumper sticker(2).png
Comp 1_3.gif
18x24 Grid Poster Mockup For Branding.png
Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 2-20.jpg
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